Clear Out the Inherited House: What are the priorities?

Clear Out the Inherited House: What are the priorities?

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Having to clean out an inherited house can be a daunting task. The family is dealing with the loss of a loved one and may not know what to do with that house. In addition to the situation, cleaning out someone else’s things is not easy. Regardless, it is important to consider clearing out the house, in order to get it ready for sale. A house that is clear and free of clutter will make it more appealing to a prospective buyer and increase the family’s chances of selling it quick.

There are several things to keep in mind when getting ready to clear out the property. Some of those things include:



Most people do not think about protecting the property. It would be wise to change all of the exterior locks to the house.  This is important for security purposes. It may be unknown how many people have keys or access into this property.  This will provide some peace of mind knowing unauthorized individuals will not be entering the home using a key. The house will be protected.



In addition to changing the locks, it is important to check the mailbox on a regular basis. Keep an eye out for anything important.  A creditor or a person may be trying to reach the former owner, not being aware that they have passed away or that someone else has inherited this house. One easy solution might be to have the mail forwarded, making it easy to watch out for important documents. In addition, piles of mail should not be sitting in the mailbox of an empty house, making this house a target to burglary. Depending on the situation, decide what will work best.


Important Documents

Search for any documents belonging to the previous owner. This is important because some of these documents may contain sensitive information. Things such as wills, bank account numbers, stocks & bonds, social security info, receipts and insurance policy details will be information that is needed to take care of business and these documents should be protected. However, keep in mind these documents might not always be easy to find. Not everyone keeps documents organized in one file box. Search usual places such as random drawers and boxes, inside crawl spaces, or maybe even under the mattresses. Do not skip this crucial step in the process of clearing out the house. These important documents should not be mixed in with the outgoing trash or goodwill.



Keep track of major bills associated with the loved one’s home or estate and continue making critical payments. Mortgage and utilities should be paid on time to avoid legal hassles. Request invoices from all important bill collectors so that you have a copy of all records and can be sure to pay them. Check to make sure everything is in good standing and maintain this while the estate is going through probate. If there is a reverse mortgage it is important the mortgage company gets notified so they can work with the inheritors on the financial aspects associated with this house and avoid going into foreclosure.


Personal Belongings

All personal belongings should be removed from the property. It is desirable to keep the house clean and clear of clutter. An easy way to clear personal belongings is to sort items into various piles. One pile might contain things to keep, another pile for donating/selling to an organization, and a third pile for items that that will need to be disposed of. There might be items that belong in an unknown pile that are best put aside and dealt with later, especially if family members are fighting over who should get what or they are items that are of value.  Either way, remove as much as possible from the property.


Are you ready to sell?


Some prep work will be needed to properly get the house ready for sale. It is important to remove things such as old furniture, patch up walls and paint, fix any cracks that might be in the ceiling, make sure the light fixtures are in good condition, and clear out any pet related items if needed. This will all help to ensure that the house is ready for an open house.


If you are looking for a hassle free experience selling your inherited house contact us today!  We can clean it out for you. Give us a call at 240-801-6055 or visit

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