Getting rid of bad tenants

Getting rid of bad tenants

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Owning a rental property can be a fun and rewarding experience for everyone. However, it does not come without some headaches. One of the negative things that can happen is a tenant who behaves badly. Despite the extensive screening process sometimes a few bad apples can sneak through and create havoc for a landlord.

If the situation starts to get out of hand, then you might have to take legal action. If they have not paid rent, you can start the eviction process and get them out of the property. It is best to check with your individual state as different places have different rules with regards to how to evict a tenant. There are a few things to keep in mind that can help you deal with this difficult process.


Do not do it alone

It is not a good idea to try and handle the eviction yourself. It might seem like a easy process, but it will only bring you temporary relief. Once the dust settles you will find that you will be in a legal mess.

Do not try to do things to push and force the tenant out. Things such as changing the locks, throwing all their belongings onto the street, and even turning off the power are all illegal. No matter how many problems the tenant has been causing you, the last thing you want to do is act out of anger and frustration. It is important to act within the legal limit and follow your individual states requirements.


Have a conversation

It might make sense to have an open and honest conversation with the tenant. Invite them for some coffee and talk things out. You might be able to find out the reason behind why they have been causing so many problems. Maybe they are down on their luck or going through a messy divorce. You might be able to work something out and hopefully the tenant will start behaving reasonably. However, make sure you have this talk in a public place, in case things turn for the worse and the tenant tries to make a scene. You will be better protected in a public place where there are witnesses. Sometimes it is not possible to have a conversation with the tenant. Use your judgement.  


Offer some compensation

As crazy as this option might sound, offering some sort of compensation may help you resolve the situation faster. See what it will take to make the bad tenant vacate your property and move on happily.  Maybe offer to pay moving costs, offer an amount equivalent to one month’s rent, or even help them find a new place through your contacts.

While the idea of having to spend money to get rid of a bad tenant seems horrible, it can be beneficial in the long run if done with good intentions. It could be a mutually beneficial situation.

Think about the money and time wasted having to go through the eviction process. All those potential legal fees can add up quickly. Plus who knows how trashed the property might end up in the process. Once the tenant is gone more time and money will be spent getting the property ready for a new tenant. It could potentially be many months from the start to the end of this tenant situation. All this wasted time means a loss of rental income while the expenses pile up.

Sometimes it is not worth the hassle in dealing with bad tenants. If you would like to sell your property quickly contact us today!

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