Inherited House: Is There A Mortgage?

Inherited House: Is There A Mortgage?

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Times have changed in how people handle their home mortgages. In the past, homeowners would pay off their homes before retirement because they did not want to be left with the burden of payments without the active income. These days, many individuals carry a mortgage that gets passed on to those that inherit the house. If you inherit a house chances are there will be an existing mortgage on it. The mortgage should continue to be paid so that the house does not end up going through foreclosure. There are other expenses such as property taxes and utilities that should also be kept current.



Some individuals might decide to have the mortgage on the inherited house transferred over from the original owner to them. This will allow the inheritors to keep the house and continue making the same payments. However, this may not be possible for everyone. All of this depends on whether or not the inheritors have the resources to afford an extra mortgage payment or if they want to deal with the financial responsibility.  If this home will not be rented, it will be an additional expense with no additional income to substantiate the payment.



In some cases, the estate assets might be large enough to pay off the existing mortgage on the inherited house, making it free and clear. Even though the house may no longer carry a mortgage, there are other expenses the inheritors should evaluate in owning an additional property. Things such as property taxes, utilities, and the general upkeep of the house will be a long term financial commitment. Not everyone who inherits a house will want to deal with these additional expenses even if the house is inherited debt free. This is still a big financial responsibility beyond the mortgage.



If it seems that the expense of having a mortgage or maintaining the property is too much, the best option for inheritors might be to sell. Some find it challenging or an additional burden to deal with an inherited house. Working with a cash buyer, you can have your property sold quick.


If you would rather sell your inherited home quick for cash than deal with a mortgage contact us today! Give us a call at 240-801-6055 or visit


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