Selling inherited property

Selling inherited property

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Selling an inherited home can be a stressful and confusing decision for the family. Not everyone is an expert nor will you automatically know what to do. It is important to take the time to understand things before you rush into something that may not be right for your situation. Making a decision about this home is not easy for anyone.

There are several things to consider and be aware of:



There is a probate process  involved in inheriting the house. This process involves getting an inventory of all assets that will be distributed to the heirs. Of course any debts and taxes have to be taken care of before final distribution can take place. The exact process depends on what state you live in and the value of the estate. Some states with smaller estate values allow for a more expedited approach with less paperwork and time. Please check your state for further information.


Range of emotions

Without a doubt everyone will experience a wide range of emotions as they go through the selling process. Trying to figure out the best route for this property while you are dealing with the loss of your loved one can be very tough and challenging. On top of that there might be other siblings or relatives fighting over the details of this sale, further adding to the stress of the situation. It is important to keep yourself calm so that you can make the right decisions that will be best for all. This is not necessarily easy to do.


Trained experts

A trained person can help with the process of selling this house. Bringing in an expert can be helpful in making wise decisions. These would be people like an accountant, a lawyer, and even an estate planner. Experts can help navigate through all the rules and regulations for your specific state. It can be challenging with the laws and tax implications, so these professionals can help keep the process moving and hopefully prevent some unnecessary costs.


Real estate investors

At times, it might be necessary or easier to bring in an investor to take the house off your hands. Once you do your research and even consult a realtor, you might realize the work is too much to handle on your own. The house may need a lot of expensive repairs just to get a fair market offer. It might not be worth going through all of these headaches, especially while you are grieving.

A real estate investor can usually give an immediate cash offer for the home because they would purchase it as is. This is a great opportunity because you can move forward in completing the sale quick, by avoiding the cost and headaches of repairs on the house.

Before deciding to go this route there are some things that need to be taken care of first:

  • Make sure there are no liens on the property that can tie up the sale process.
  • Make sure the homeowners insurance is current and up to date.
  • Make sure expenses such as the utilities, mortgage, taxes, are up to date to avoid the house being foreclosed on.


If you are interested in getting a cash offer and further help with selling your inherited home contact us today! Give us a call at 240-801-6055 or visit

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