Tenant noise complaints

Tenant noise complaints

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When owning a rental property there are a lot of things that can happen. Some things can be simple and others can be very difficult to deal with. One of those difficult situations you may encounter is a tenant who is complaining about noises. What do you do?

This can be a frustrating process as you isolate the issue and the reason for the noise. Is it a neighbor? Is it an animal? Is it the equipment? No matter what this issue is, it is important that you do something about the noise. Otherwise, you may lose the tenant and be left with an empty rental with no rental income.

Below are some things that can be done to help you along:


Move fast

As soon as the complaint comes in you want to start investigating. You want your tenant to see that you are taking notice and want to resolve the problem. This will be good because the longer issues are ignored, the bigger the problem could become. The last thing you need is an unhappy tenant, who feels ignored. They will turn on you quick if you are not helping them, and they might try to potentially move out leaving you with no rental income.


Provide choices

It might be a good idea to provide your tenant some options. If the noise is the result of a neighbor, the area authorities may need to be called. Perhaps the windows are old and need to be replaced.   In the worse case scenario maybe a rent reduction or a switch to a different property might be the way to go. This will be cheaper than a long dragged out fight with the tenant.


Have noise issues in the lease

Having a section on what to do for noise complaints in the lease is always a good idea. That way the tenant will see exactly what your process is for handling noise. The tenant will see that you have a plan in place and things will hopefully work out. You can use the lease to show the tenant what will happen if things start getting out of hand.

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